Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Can't Imagine Forcing Anyone To Wear A Dodger Jersey

Though I apologize in advance for delving into TMZ-territory, this story is just sports-related enough to make the cut here.

I had a tentative plan of what I was going to write today but I threw the whole thing out the window when I heard on Pardon The Interruption that Alyssa Milano revealed in a new book that when she and Brad Penny first began dating, he insisted that she wear a Dodgers jersey to bed.

I am pretty much just dumbfounded about this and cannot think of anything else to write about except wondering what the hell is wrong with Penny.

If Samantha Micelli comes to me and says, "I will wear anything to bed that you want, so what do you pick?", I think the answer is pretty obviously, "nothing."

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