Friday, March 20, 2009

Fantastic Sports Names List, Vol. I

During the NCAA Tournament, we are introduced to players, mascots and sometimes even schools that we have never heard of before. This is a list of the some of my personal favorite unusal names, interesting modifications and combinations, and creative spellings of names we're all familiar with. Not all are people in the Tourney, and are just others I have noticed during my years following sports.

They are listed in alphabetical order, with my personal favorites in italics.

Alderius Anfernee Carmello D’Angelo DeAngelo DaJuan Damier Da'Sean Dashawn DeAndre De'Jon Dejuan DeMar Demarre Demetric Demonte Derwin Dionte Doneal D'Qwell Dwyane E'Twaun Gartrell JaJuan Jamarcus Jamon J'Cory Jhavid J'Nathan Jrue Keyshawn Knoshawn Kore LaDainian Lamarcus Laron LeKendric LeSean L'Ron Markell Roburt Santonio Santwon Shonn Steffphon Tajuan Tremaine Trumaine Tyreke Tywain

Clearly I am partial to the ones where it is a completely made up word or when a random letter is thrown in front of an otherwise ordinary name.

The wife and I have long been considering names for our kids and some of the leaders at this point are V'Scott, Firlamdinian, Trapezius, L'Corduroy and of course Seven, as a nod to George Costanza.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Comment below.

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