Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Actually, A Duck's Quack Does Echo

I have long felt that Mythbusters is one of the cooler shows on TV, but in the last two weeks, it has become my favorite show. Why? Because where else do people test out urban legends that you've always wondered about, then just blow everything to hell at the end regardless of if it applies to the legend or not, and wrap it all up with a bow made of drunkenness?

Last week, they were testing to see if a sighted passenger could safely navigate for a blind driver (yes), and then they tested if the same sighted passenger could get drunk and still safely navigate for the same blind driver (no). So in the middle of the tests, the guy had to just sit down on the curb and drink a quarter of a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Today I saw an episode where they tested whether various methods could fool a breathalyzer test. Of course to accurately tell if that was happening, they first had to fail a breathalyzer test. So they had thirteen drinks (though they were never clear if they shared thirteen drinks or if it was thirteen each) and both blew over the legal limit. They then blew again after eating breath mints (no), taking a bite of an onion (no), putting denture cream in their mouths (no), gargling mouthwash (no!), and holding either a battery (no) or a couple of pennies (no) in their mouths.

This was after they tested if medieval villagers could have A) built a functional cannon out of a hollowed log (yes), and B) all been killed when the cannon later blew up (yes).

Educational and entertaining!

Here's a quick list of those myths they tested that I can remember:
You can't polish poo (no)
Phonebooks with interlocking pages are nearly inseparable (yes)
You can blow up an oxygen tank with a bullet...think Jaws (no)
You can blow up a propane tank with a bullet...think James Bond (no)
You can cut through the floor with bullets (no)
You can blow a hole in a wall with sodium and water...think MacGyver (no)
You can cut down a tree with bullets (sorta)
A child could float away with a pack of helium balloons (no...unless the pack is mansion-sized)
Ping pong balls can be used to raise a sunken ship (yes)
Poppy seed bagels can make you test positive for heroine...think Elaine from Seinfeld (yes)
Metal golf spikes attract lighting (no)
Breast implants will explode at high altitude (no)
Hot pepper pain remedies: milk (yes), water (no), tequila (no), toothpaste (no), beer (no)
Using a cell phone while pumping gas will cause an explosion (no)
Running in the rain keeps you drier than walking (no and then retested...yes)
Tesla's hand-held earthquake machine could destroy the Brooklyn bridge in an hour (no)
A can of beans on a hot stove could explode and kill you (yes)
A dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's (yes)
Yawning is contagious (yes)
A cowboy could shoot a man's hat off of his head (no)
Jet wash from a 747 could flip a: taxi (yes), school bus (yes), small plane (yes)

But this is supposed to be a sports blog, so here you go:
Helium will cause punts to travel further (no)
You can hit the cover off of a baseball (no)
Corked bats hit balls harder (no)
Sliding into a base you can't overrun is faster than not sliding (yes)
Humidifiers cut down how far baseballs are hit (yes)
A fastball can actually rise (no)
Jimmy Hoffa is buried at Giants Stadium (no)

It is on Discovery; I have no idea when thanks to my DVR, but seriously it is the best show on TV, so go find it (reruns are ubiquitous on Discovery).

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