Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pack Up The Bats And Gloves: Season's Over

Yesterday afternoon I watched live as the Mets bullpen allowed Johan Santana's 8 inning gem disappear as they allowed 6 Phillies to cross the plate in the ninth inning, and the Mets lost 8-6. Today if every sports website and TV broadcast I have seen is any indication, it seems that this painful loss has doomed the Mets to never win another game.

Here are the problems that the Mets face that will keep them from winning any more game (as I have found out today):

Billy Wagner Is Selfish - he technically could have pitched last night, but didn't want to because he had had some shoulder soreness and wanted to rest it for one more day.

Johan Santana Has Lost It - he couldn't manage to finish the game out like he would have in the olden days and left the Mets in the precarious position of leading by 3 at home in the ninth.

Jerry Manual Is A Fool - how could he take Santana out? How could he put in those relievers? Didn't he know there was no way they could hold that lead without Wagner?

The Team Has No Leaders - a true team leader would have put a stop to that streak in the ninth by the Phillies by catching all of those balls, or possibly by sending out negative brainwaves that would prevent them from hitting.

I actually read one article that questioned Wagner's heart and said that he was saving his arm for September, but "for the Mets there may be no September." Never mind that the regular season ends in October, what the writer meant (I assume) was there may be no postseason because of the four problems I mentioned earlier.

Wasn't this the same team, with the same closer, the same ace, the same manager and the same leadership that just won 10 in-a-row, making up 6.5 games in a month, and was suddenly a juggernaut that the Phillies couldn't contain? Wasn't Wagner (potentially) sacrificing a game in July to insure he could have a September (or October for that matter)? Are we really this concerned about losing game number 100 of the season?

They are 1 game back with 62 to go! I feel pretty confident that they could find a way to scrape their way back into the divisional race.

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Scott T. Bergen said...

Editor's note: as it turned out, this may not have been the end of the season afterall. The Mets won the next two games against Philadelphia and took over sole control of the division.