Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pedro, Landis, The Pasadena Marathon, And More

Opening Day of Major League Baseball went a lot better than day two for me. While it is hard to get too worked up over one loss for the Mets, especially since the bullpen pitched so well and the game was encouraging in that respect, losing Pedro Martinez is a bit worrisome.

Frankly, I thought he would wind up being the fourth best starter on the team and if you are going to lose a player to injury, better it be in April than in September, but still!

The women's Final Four field is set and guess what...Connecticut and Tennessee are in. In my lifetime, there has definitely never been as dominate a team, let alone a pair of teams, as these two for this long. Yes, the field is not as deep as the men's, or as other sports. But they are on the same level playing field as their competition and they have been consistently better than their competition for decades. Amazing.

Floyd Landis finished his appeal to the arbitration court of sports and their decision is expected in June. From what I know of his case, I don't think he did it. If they decide he is innocent, that will mean that two consecutive Tour de France winners will have been booted from the following tour for no reason. At a time when that sport needs a clean marquee name and team to carry them, they shoved one (probably two) out the door.

Is it possible that the San Francisco Giants will lose more games than score runs this year? Right now, it is 2 to 2.

Tomorrow I officially start training for the first annual Pasadena marathon this November. I am actually only doing the half-marathon, but it will be my first organized distance race since NCAA's in 1999. Why am I going to do this to myself? Not sure, but I think it has to do with beating my friend Josh's butt. Just in case, if you happen to be in Griffith Park Wednesday and see a really skinny body lying by the side of the road in blue and white running shoes and a Mets' hat on, call my wife.

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