Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4 Weekend Sports Highlights

  • Mets vs. Phillies in Philadelphia (Fox at 1:05 - Saturday)
  • All Williams-Final at Wimbledon - Saturday (again they're playing in the women's draw, which seems unfair)
  • Williams Brothers in the Wimbledon Women's Doubles Final as well
  • Andy Roddick vs. Roger Federer in Wimbledon Men's Final - Sunday
  • Tour de France Stage 1 Time Trial in Monaco - Sunday
  • NBA personnel carousel continues to spin (Allen Iverson is so desperate he actually said he wants to go to Memphis, poor bastard)
  • Petco Park was invaded Thursday by a swarm of bees (apparently all attracted to a ball girl's jacket, about which the jacket company released this statement, "We can only guess that bees are attracted, as major league players are, to the warmth and comfort of our performance apparel."). This weekend it will be invaded by a swarm of thugs.
  • Manny Ramirez returns to the Dodgers against the Padres, as exuberant Dodger fans completely forget that they ripped Giants fans for supporting Barry Bonds when he did the same thing Manny did, only it wasn't banned then...why is it that everyone else connected to steroids becomes a pariah for fans and media, but Manny is so beloved and forgiven? What did he do differently in the wake of his story breaking - or is it just that L.A. fans will get behind a winner no matter how bad a guy he is (not that I am talking about Kobe Bryant or anything)?
  • O's at Angels (12:35 - Sunday, but this is only on the list because I am going)
  • Russ Branyan's homer at Yankee Launching Pad Thursday should drop out of orbit and land again sometime Saturday
  • Drunken pickup ultimate at the Rose Bowl all day Saturday

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