Wednesday, May 13, 2009

'It's All About The Nation, Baby'

The City of San Bernadino (outside of Los Angeles) has had a ban on the sale of 40 ounce bottles of beer since 1989. If you've even been to San Bernadino, you could probably guess that this ban has never really been enforced. Apparently the city has decided to enforce it now though, because they say there is a correlation between that particular product and crime, and Dr. Dre would probably agree. You might ask, "Why is this on my sports blog?"

This story was reported on Tuesday's news on KCAL and they had a reporter go out there and interview liquor store patrons to see what they think of the ban. What do you think people who hang out at liquor stores in the middle of the day in San Bernadino think of a ban on 40-sales? But why is this on a sports blog?

Unfortunately the version of this story that KCAL posted on their website was from early in the day, before the guy interviewed the locals., so those interviews are not available online (that version of the story aired late last night and the web producer didn't copy over the old version...tragic). So you can't see this story online, but the reason that it is on a sports blog was that the first interview they showed was of perhaps the single greatest stereotype in the history of humanity, and it happens to be sports related.

"What do you think of the city banning 40's?" asks reporter Greg Mills.

"If you're gonna banding things," a short, fat, Hispanic man slurs out through his obvious mid-day drunken stupor, wearing a JaMarcus Russell Raiders jersey in the middle of May. And as he throws his arms out as wide as he can and shakes his head seemingly unintentionally, he finishes with, "all liquor should be banded."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Raider Nation.

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